@blmatmac students spearhead anti-racist action at Macalester

On Friday, May 30, the Instagram account @blmatmac uploaded its first post. The caption declared that the page will be “dedicated to resources [and] support for black Macalester students as well as and information and updates for anti-racist allies.” In the five days since then, the page racked up more than 1000 followers. The account has become a hub of resources for all Mac students participating in anti-racist action and protest sparked by the murder of George Floyd by former Minneapolis ...

How Ongoing Construction is Impacting Newark Main Street Businesses

Newark’s Main Street is in for a much-needed makeover. The college town’s commercial corridor is notorious for its potholes, and is not ADA compliant. Areas of the road also flood frequently due to poor drainage. The $11.8 million improvement project, which began in April, plans to address these issues and more. The result should be a beautified Main Street with wider walkways, increased parking options and smoother traffic flow.

Does Delaware's New Plastic Bag Ban Go Far Enough? Local Experts Weigh In

Picture this: your local Trader Joe’s on a busy Sunday afternoon. The parking lot bursts at the seams and lines of customers curl all the way to the back of the store—but there’s not a single flimsy plastic bag in sight. This could soon be a familiar sight in Delaware. Gov. John Carney signed House Bill 130 in July, which bans single-use plastic bags in some stores effective January 2021.

“Wuhan Needs Help” organizers redirect donations to fight coronavirus in Minnesota

When Jennifer Yang ‘22 first learned of the coronavirus outbreak in her home city of Wuhan, China, she never expected that the virus would grow into a global pandemic affecting nearly every country in the world. “Right now, my friends and parents in Wuhan started to ask me if I’m okay, if I’m doing well,” Yang said, “when several weeks ago, I was doing the same thing for them.” Before the coronavirus outbreak was even on the radar of many Macalester students, Yang and students from the Chinese Culture Club (CCC) were raising money for hard-hit Wuhan hospitals.

Fossil Free Mac disbanding, but says fight not over yet

Seven years after forming, Fossil Free Mac (FFM) will officially disband at the end of this semester. They announced their decision at a teach-in event called “The Last Supper,” held in a classroom in the DeWitt Wallace Library on Wednesday, Nov. 20. Since its formation in 2012, FFM has lobbied to end Macalester’s investments in the fossil fuel industry. The campaign culminated on Oct. 4, when the board of trustees voted to partially divest the college from fossil fuels.

Macalester mobilizes for climate strike

Among the many colorful and creative signs stippled throughout the crowd of over 5,000 at the Minnesota Global Youth Climate Strike this past Friday, one was a familiar sight: the Macalester logo, printed on a six-foot banner and carried by a group of student activists. Approximately 250 Macalester students, joined by members of the college’s staff and faculty, took time out of their Friday to attend the Minnesota iteration of the global strike at the state capitol building in St. Paul.

Go Behind the Scenes of UDairy Creamery's New Facilities

Have you ever tried a Delaware-made cheese curd? For most, the answer is likely going to be "no"—but the UDairy Creamery wants to change that. The creamery, operated by students and staff at University of Delaware, debuted the new Genuardi Food Innovation Laboratory earlier this year. The lab features new ice cream and cheese processing plants, an expanded food science testing kitchen and several new office spaces.

Karen: An Advocate for Change

Karen couldn’t admit to herself that her relationship with her husband was abusive. They had a young son together and they were business partners. She tried to hide the psychological and physical harm from her son and everyone else in her life. A part of her believed she must have done something wrong in order to deserve the abuse. “When you trust someone else’s judgement of you more than you trust your own judgement of what’s going on, that is the beginning of going crazy,” she says.

Delaware Native Chad Michael Jervis Steps Into the Spotlight with Band King Calaway

In all respects, Wilmington native Chad Michael Jervis is just getting started. The 24-year-old joined up-and-coming pop country group in May of last year after being brought on by country music producer Robert Deaton. Since then, the group has opened for Garth Brooks, played at the and performed on —not bad for a band only in existence for a little over a year. But Jervis’ love of music goes back much further than that.
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